During your VR session you can choose to spend some time on amazing VR rollercoaster simulator to try easy, medium or extreme rides, later choose interactive gaming. Or skip rollercoaster rides and choose only gaming when you can try as many games as you wish.

Watch a short video above how people reacts to extreme ride.

Our prices:

Taster session - £6 for one or £10 for two persons (duration approximately 6 min).

30 min VR session - £20

60 min VR session - £30

When you buy 60 min VR session, you become our member (membership is free) and get all next hours at discounted price:

2nd hour costs £25 and starting from
3rd hour you have a special £20 per hour price permanently.

Our prices are per one player (headset). Each hour may be split into two 30 min sessions between two players.

Example: if you want 3 players to play an hour each, that will be 3 hours of VR in total. In this example discounted prices will be applied and all experience will cost £75 in total. Visit duration will be 60 minutes as all players will play simultaneously.

You can book one VR space for single player, or book two, three or four spaces for multi-player games. Groups of more than 4 players can play in turns.

Booking is free up to 4 persons. If you wish to book more than one person, leave a note in a comment box (during booking process) how many of you are going to be. For booking more than 4 persons, please fill up a Party booking form HERE.

If you need help - contact us or 07508183995